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Who We Are

Tier One Lubricants, LLC. has been providing high-quality oils and lubricants for almost a decade. These products are blended using high-quality virgin base oils and cutting edge additive systems that are all manufactured and made in America. Tier One Lubricants® engine oils are API licensed ( and provide a level of performance that meets or exceeds the demands of the modern engine.

To conserve environmental resources, we are pleased to offer the ReNu line of products. ReNu is a product line of high-quality re-refined oils that helps to conserve natural resources by re-refining used oil and making the old oil—like new.

Our History

In creating the Tier One Lubricants® brand, we wanted to accomplish some specific objectives. First, we insisted on high-quality, high-performance products. The components of these products had to meet the following requirements: they needed to be made in America, of virgin or non-recycled origin, and they had to be of the same or better performance quality as that offered in the marketplace by the major oil companies. Second, we wanted to offer world-class support programs. The integration of the Tier One Lubricants® Lubricant Analysis Program (LAP) provided us with access to global laboratories and the highest standard of analysis quality. Lastly, we wanted to offer reliability and consistency. Our long-term relationships and agreements with suppliers mean that Tier One Lubricants® are consistent in their formulation and quality control. We do not “bid out” the blending of these products—they are consistent in both their origin and formulation.

Our latest venture is to consider how we can support the environment by preserving natural resources—that is why we launched ReNu. The ReNu line is blended using specifically selected re-refined base oils. Not all re-refined base oils are the same. ReNu uses a selected source of re-refined base oils to preserve the consistency and performance requirements of our Tier One Lubricants® mission.

It has been 10 years of growth and we are looking forward to the next decade.